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5 Questions to Ask About Your High Speed Satellite Internet Service

If you are planning on making satellite internet service a part of your home or business, there are 5 questions you need to ask first.

1. "How fast it it?".

Your high speed satellite internet service should be at least 20 times faster than a dial-up connection.  You should be able to download even the largest of files in just a few minutes.  You should be able to stream music and video just like the "big guys" internet service.

2.  "How much does everything cost?".

Satellite internet providers can vary when it comes to installation fees and monthly costs.  How much?

Some charge a few hundred dollars to get everything up and running, while others may offer you a rebate for the installation fees. Still some will  waive installation and activation fees altogether.

3.  "How hard will it be to install my dish properly?".

Not hard at all! When you choose a good satellite internet company. They will use local certified professional installers that make installation of your receiver dish and activaton of the service a worry free event for you.

4.  "How much equipment do I need?".

All that is needed is a small two foot diameter satellite dish professionally installed and calibrated outside of your home or office, with a modem installed inside that connects to your computer. Often times a wireless modem and router can be installed to facilitate wireless internet connectivity at the installation location.

5. "How Do I Get Customer Service If  Need It?".

The mark of a truly customer friendly home services provider is good customer care. The best will deliver live toll free US based customer care 24/7. Along with technical support. The best of the best will have an A+ rating with the BBB.


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